I am a visual artist primarily using fiber to create textural and tactile forms

Creating rhythmic patterns and textures, my works are a way for me to quiet the world around me while processing feelings and experiences that are for me beyond language. A form of connection, or stringing together moments and marks into a therapeutic whole. I’m interested in the mind-body and the way that feelings and experiences are physical, textural. And likewise the way that physicality and action evoke what might be termed ‘emotional’ response. I create my art largely because of the reaction that it elevates in me during the process of its making, the focus and flow. The repetitive patterns I make are a way for me to both lose and find myself simultaneously, and I hope that they do the same for my viewer. I am searching for new ways of telling stories that transcend the written or the spoken. 

I am academically trained in sociocultural anthropology and critical science studies, both of which inform the way that I engage in my art-making and in the world around me.