A shift

Welcome to my new site.

If you’ve been here before, you know that I used to use this site as a space to document my visual and textile art. A space to share images and inspiration for quilts and embroidered pieces that were my lifeline during my graduate work.

But now I’ve shifted.

I’ve left my graduate program, and in the process of coming back to myself that came afterwards, I fell back in love with writing.

I always wanted to be a writer. I always was a writer. Somewhere along the way though, somewhere amidst the obscure theory and anxiety-filled seminars of graduate school, I lost my writing voice. Writing in the way that comes most naturally to me became something I didn’t feel like I had permission to do. If I couldn’t place whatever I had to say in an intellectual lineage, if I didn’t cite the right theory or position my writing within the right conversation, I wasn’t doing my job as an academic. And it smothered me.

Over the past few months I’ve come back to myself. I’m reading things that bring me joy. I’ve taken up a regular creative writing practice. I’ve completed a few writing courses and workshops and most importantly, I’ve regained my confidence and my voice.

So I’m coming back to that deep dream that I had long ago, that dream of being a “writer,” in whatever form that may take. And as such, I’ve decided to devote this space to that pursuit. I’ll post short essays, snippets of my fiction writing, poems, and reviews of books that I’m reading in this space. My art has taken a back seat, though it may occasionally pop up. This is all an experiment in unfolding.

So, welcome.

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